"Never let it rest, until your
good is better and your
better is best"

It is commonly said that the child is in his/her most receptive years between 0 to 7years old. It is a period where he/she is able to assimilate quite an impressive amount of information. Since the child spends a substantive amount of his/her time at school, we at St Nicholas Grammar School want to expose the children to the most appropriate and varied "information" possible.

This is translated by the large number of subjects, which forms part of the curriculum and which is applicable as from preparatory level, enabling a harmonious development of the child thus allowing him/her to be compatible with the different spheres of our modern society.

We also prone subject teaching in that it prevents one teacher to be assigned to the same class, which becomes his/her territory after some time. With the subject teaching system, teachers are on the move during the day and are in constant interaction.