"Never let it rest, until your
good is better and your
better is best"

St Nicholas Grammar School holds assemblies every morning and children are invited to ask for prayers for their families and friends whom they feel might need them.

Since we have children coming from different countries, we celebrate different National Days. This helps them to feel more at home and that the school is interested in their country. Children need to write projects on a selected theme and the Guest of Honor rewards the best project. They also sing the national anthem while the flag is hoisted. This allows the children broaden their general knowledge and learn about the world through a different teaching method. At present, these countries will include France, England, Germany, Australia, Madagascar, China, and the United States.

The important religious festivals are also celebrated so that children are aware of the cultural differences of our society. The help of parents is greatly appreciated for these festivities. With their help, the staff prepares the celebration and a couple of parents are invited to explain the meaning of each step in the festivals' celebration. These celebrations will include Chinese New Year, Eid-Uld-Fitr, Easter and Divali.

St Nicholas Grammar School has a Pastoral Care program which consists in enrolling, each year, one child of a less fortunate family or of a lower academic capacity and offering him /her a special package for his primary and/or secondary education with us. Children are selected according to a number of criterions. The Pastoral Care program will include, for example, reduced/no school fees, free books or reduced canteen fees among others.