"Children's early learning experiences have a profound effect on their development."

St Nicholas Grammar School will provide its students with the same base curriculum as recommended by the Ministry of Education. The school has however extensively built on this curriculum namely through the addition of several areas of study supported by carefully selected books as well as extensively researched teaching methods/aids.

The medium of teaching will be English and French (except for Mandarin, German and Spanish). All subjects are compulsory from Prep to Lev V. The students may choose between Mandarin and German as from Lev V. For the secondary department, all subjects are compulsory up to Form III. The students may choose some of their subjects as from Form IV.

Pre primary and primary department

During this stage, children's receptivity and capacity to learn is at its peak and they acquire a variety of important skills, knowledge and attitudes that affect their learning ability, personal development and ability to become contributing members of society.

The strong link between playing and learning at such an early age has been recognized and the activities chosen as well as the learning materials have been carefully selected to teach problem solving, numeracy, literacy and social skills. The mental progress of the children is also monitored as from Nursery level.

The preparatory and primary department program of St Nicholas Grammar School provides therefore a stimulating educational environment that encourages young children in a variety of formal and informal ways.

Secondary department

Our secondary department will follow in these footsteps and further the concept of educating through informal ways by, amongst others, offering constant support to our students throughout the challenges that teenage years will throw at them.

This supportive approach reflects our aim to help all our students grow socially as well as emotionally and intellectually.

After school Activities

These activities have been carefully selected to help the students with their general physical development, increase their concentration level as well as their self-confidence. In order to allow maximum participation, these activities are proposed on separate days.

Music classes: held daily in the school's music room

Rollerblading: held in the school yard on Thursdays

Dance classes: held in the school hall on Tuesdays

Taekwondo classes: held in the school hall on Friday